Let our experience be your guide

In 1948, an adventuresome young man named Carl F. Brady identified an opportunity to assist federal surveyors as the U.S. Government was preparing to map the vast uncharted territories of Alaska. Recognizing this unique opportunity, Brady founded "Economy Helicopters" and brought his Bell 47B helicopter to Alaska. Brady was unaware of it at the time, but his entrepreneurial and innovative spirit laid, the foundation for what would later become the longest serving helicopter transport operator in the United States.

By 1950, Economy Helicopters had expanded its service model to include petroleum support and was instrumental in launching offshore petroleum operations off of the Alaskan southern coast in the Kenai Peninsula. In 1958, Economy Helicopters merged with Rotor Aids to form ERA Helicopters. Through numerous mergers, acquisitions and geographic and end market expansions over the next 70 years, Era Helicopters continues to fulfill its objective of providing safe, efficient and reliable helicopter services.

Though the industry has seen many changes over the last 70 years, the spirit of innovation is alive and well at Era. Our passion for improvement through innovation is a distinguishing characteristic that continues through the present.